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  • COVID-19 Updates

    The latest news and updates on COVID-19 in Albuquerque. Find the latest on local restrictions, restaurant options, and other relevant business and event updates.

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    At the heart of New Mexico beats the pulse of a vibrant city. In Albuquerque, diverse cultures, authentic art and dynamic traditions have helped shape our centuries-old story. No matter your interests, the city has countless opportunities for you to explore. Sample traditional New Mexican cuisine that takes minutes to make and hundreds of years to prepare, experience world-class museums, stroll along Central Avenue under the vintage neon glow of Route 66, or soar high above the city in the hot air ballooning capital of the world — a sight sure to change your perspective.

    Immerse yourself in our painted skies, abundant space and more than 310 days of sunshine, which make it possible to ski the slopes of the Sandia Mountains and play a round at one of our award-winning golf courses, all in the same day. Albuquerque is an oasis in the high desert, full of rich history and inspiring ideas. Plan your trip today, and leave Albuquerque viewing your own world in a whole new light.

    ABQ365 Blog 

    Our team of locals keep you up to date on what to do, where to go, and where to eat and drink all around Albuquerque. Check out the ABQ365 Blog for insider tips.



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